Foldable Electric Bikes – Commute Faster And Cheaper, Even If You Live Miles Form Public Transport.

​Let me show you how you can save $5,040 on a 20 mile commute by using a foldable electric Bike. Not too mention you won’t have to spend that time at the wheel, fighting through grid lock


​Let’s Crunch The Numbers

​According to this little calculator you will save $24 per day(!) if you have a 20 mile commute, $200 monthly parking costs and $5 toll fare.

The average American adult works at least 260 days per year. That means he can save $6,240 per year.

Now, we need to subtract the costs of public transport. In an expensive city like Boston, a monthly train subscription will costs $100.

Then we end up with $5,040 savings per year!

And you will be able to read, work, or enjoy Facebook while you are in the train. Cycling to the station will give you a great exercise without having to go to the gym.

Now that sounds all great, you think.

​But my house is a ​7 miles uphill from the station, and my office is another 2 mile walk.

That’s where the fold-able electric bike comes in.

​How A​ Foldable Electric Bike ​Can Change All That

​With a folding bike, you can get to the station fast and without excessive sweating. But you still get enough exercise (see this research that shows moderate exercises already gives 80% of the benefits)

You simply fold it up, and jump in the train. It’s the size of a hand carriage suitcase, you can keep it at your seat, pick it up and move it around, and carry it out of the station.

When you get to your destination, you simply walk out of the station, unfold it, and zip of towards the office. When you arrive you feel refreshed from the outside air, and moderate exercise. You open up your computer and wait for you colleagues to arrive, already tired and frustrated from traffic.

And at the end of the year, you have an additional $5,000 in you pocket!

Maybe you spend it on a romantic weekend with your spouse, or that crazy new grill that cooks the steaks for you!

​You Can Start In Less Than 3 Days

​So if you are ready to turn your commute into a health and monetary profit, get yourself a folding electric bike now.

We have listed the best models for 2018 below. Use the ratings, and pros/cons to determine the model that suits you best. (We have selected all these for their quality, great value, and customer support)

When you found the one that suits you, go to the suppliers website, check out, and receive your bike in less than 3 days. 

You can begin saving money, health, and frustration next week!

​Best Foldable Electric Bikes

​​Brompton Electric

Brompton Electric introduced their motorized version of their folded size non-electric bike in 2017. The motor is located on the front wheel. The battery pack is clipped to the front luggage block. The battery pack and motor add 30.2 pounds weight to the bike.  
Even though the electric model is relatively new, Brompton Electric is considered one of the new best folding electric bike models.

Joe Epik Sports Edition SE

​This is a very popular best foldable electric bike that can be bought on Amazon website. Improved features on this bike include a 350-watt hub motor and a basic front suspension fork. This bike features a seven-speed Shimano branded gearshift. This bike is capable of 20 MPH offering assist modes, throttle only, or no assist pedal modes.
One unique feature of this bike is the battery is hidden inside the bike frame. With a full charge, you can ride 20 to 30 miles in assisted mode. A full charge takes 4 hours. This bike on offer in three colors, white, black, or blue.

​Prodeco Tech Mariner 500v5

​This bike can also be purchased on Amazon. This is known as one of the most reputable folding E-bike manufacturers of E-bike products offered on the Amazon website. The Mariner 500v5 has been redesigned, and significant improvements had been made to this model making it overall one of the best folding electric bike model and brand to be bought.
The bike is designed with a Suntour Swing Stock Fork, a new and improved 48-volt 500-watt motor, Avid DBI Hydraulic Brakes, and SRAM XO Gearshift. Total weight of the bike is 48 pounds and folded size is 36" by 29" by 16".
Previous issues with battery longevity have been addressed and resolved. The bike now has been upgraded with a Samsung cell type battery, giving the bike an upgraded range of 28 to 38 miles.
New features on this bike include a variable throttle, giving the rider the ability to pedal assist according to your rider's changing needs.
Already noted as one of the most reputable folding E-bike manufacturers, and considering the improvements, the added features, and the new Samsung cell energy source to power the motor, the Mariner 500v5 is the overall best folding E-bike model and the most improved model this year. 

​Teru Vektrou

​This foldable E-bike is designed with 20-inch wheels. A unique feature of this bike is the 250-watt motor is engineered with three sensors that enable a smooth ride over all type terrain surfaces. This feature would be good for uneven terrain riding or riding over mountain bike trails. This bike offers a 400-watt Power Pack Battery, a 10-speed gearshift, and hydraulic disc brakes.
This bike weighs 48.9 pounds. This bike would be a good candidate looking for a mountain road capable bike in a foldable electric type model.  


​Don't be sway by common misconceptions about foldable E-bikes. They are heavier but not harder to handle. With the convenience of less storage space needed for your bike and the assist of a motor, your new folding E-bike should be easier to manage.

PS. Think that ​Foldable E-bikes break easier?

​Nope! These bikes are designed, engineered, and built to withstand the added weight of the motor and battery pack. High-Pressure points and sections of the bike are adequately reinforced for continued reliability and stability. A good quality foldable E-bike should easily give you (depending on your amount of daily use) at least 5 to 10 years of service!

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