Carbon Emissions

Jan 11, 2021

Well… the electricity has to come from somewhere, right?  Right! This is exactly the reason these charts show “Well to Wheel” efficiency, which takes into account the entire energy system required to provide propulsion to a vehicle.  The data presented here assumes that a large portion of the electricity used in the Enertia is generated from power plants running a coal furnace.   If the Enertia is this efficient now, imagine what you’d get if that electricity were generated though alternative power sources like Solar, Wind, or Hydro!  

So… how does the Enertia fare compared to other vehicles in carbon emissions “Well to Wheel”?   See the chart below for the surprising results…


Global Warming is here.  We’ve all contributed, and now we have a great opportunity to make a difference.   With the amazing “Well to Wheel” energy efficiency of the Enertia, commuting to work even for part of the year on an Enertia would drastically reduce your carbon footprint as the graph below illustrates…