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mid drive for electric fat bikes, why and how

Electric Fat Bike With Mid Drive: Benefits And Buyers Guide

​Every time you go and search for that perfect fat bike to buy, you find yourself faced with a ton of options.

Mid drive, front drive, rear drive, 36v, 48v, thumb throttle, etc

It's easy to get confused with all this.

You just want a bike with a powerful motor, ​good handling, ​and great reliablity, right?

And these bikes are not cheap so you don't want to waste your money on the wrong model.

Rest assure, we are going to cover the most important choice here.

You see, almost everything about an electric bike can be easily changed, except the position of the motor.

That's why this is a critical choice to get right.

Let's dive right in.     

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best electric mide drive kit for e bikes in 2018

What Are The Best DIY Mid Drive Kits For Electric Bikes In 2018?

​Did you know that some of the most refined bikes on the market are electric bikes that are mid drives? It was not that long ago that if you wanted to purchase or ride one of these bikes, your only choice was to buy an expensive electric bike with a little power. Or, if you wanted a bike that had a bit of power, you would have to spend at least $10,000 for speed.

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