Design And Influences

Jan 11, 2021

Form doesn’t follow function, they are the same. Simple, elegant design that looks as good sitting still as it does silently speeding through the next street corner. Every part of the Enertia was designed with the rider in mind.

Not too big, not too small, the Enertia’s proportions are narrow to ensure both novice and expert riders feel comfortable and in control. The seat sits at an inviting and accessible height for a wide range of body types.

The instrument cluster keeps all relevant information front and center while the USB port allows the rider to download data and tailor the riding experience to their personal usage.

Enertia’s form is its function, as it should be.

Design Influence

Many influences have combined to create the right opportunity with the right people necessary to create the Enertia – a lightweight, powerful electric motorcycle that is easy to use and practical to own.

Since its founding in 2002, Brammo Motorsports has focused on finding creative solutions in every area of the company from product design to manufacturing innovation.

Applying our experience in racecar design to the demands of creating an ultra-efficient battery powered vehicle platform is the basis for Brammo’s approach with the Enertia. The same fundamental engineering principles that apply to race vehicle design – lightweight, stiff structure and high energy efficiency – also apply to improving performance in alternative-fueled vehicles.

From a historical perspective, Brammo’s Enertia is right on time.