mid drive for electric fat bikes, why and how

Electric Fat Bikes: Benefits And Buyers Guide

​Every time you go and search for that perfect fat bike to buy, you find yourself faced with a ton of options.

Mid drive, front drive, rear drive, 36v, 48v, thumb throttle, etc

It's easy to get confused with all this.

You just want a bike with a powerful motor, ​good handling, ​and great reliablity, right?

And these bikes are not cheap so you don't want to waste your money on the wrong model.

Rest assure, we are going to cover the most important choice here.

You see, almost everything about an electric bike can be easily changed, except the position of the motor.

That's why this is a critical choice to get right.

Let's dive right in.     


​​Why Get A Mid Drive Electric Fat Bike?

​The best thing about mid-drive electric fat bikes is their performance. They have high performance, and they are powered by a motor that drives the crank and not the actual wheel. The bottom line is if you want a bike that has excellent performance, then an electric bike powered by a mid-drive motor is the way to go.

Handling is fantastic on these bikes. You will notice and feel just how smoothly they ride. You shouldn't experience too much shaking or wobbling and what not. This is one of the significant advantages of these bikes.

Finally, maintenance is easy. You don't have to worry about performing extensive maintenance on your bike. If you want a bike that requires little maintenance, then this is it.

​How To Choose An Electric Fat Bike

What you want to do is compare to many electric fat bikes as possible. Check out at least 3-4 stores that sell them, and take a look at how large they are, such as the size of their frame, tires, and things of that nature. Compare each bike's style too because you want to choose a bike that is stylish or a bike you don't mind the look of.

Speed is important. You want to choose an electric bike that goes fast enough. Not all electronic fat bike mid drives reach the same rates. Figure out how quickly you'd like the bike to go and then look for ones that can reach those top speeds.

Durability and reliability are important too. Always choose an electric bike that is known for being reliable and durable. Different brands are known for being more durable and dependable than other brands, so research the brands of electric bikes you're looking into.

If you find an electric fat bike mid drive that is sold by someone you're not familiar with, then read reviews on them. In fact, you should read reviews on any bike you're thinking of getting. You'll learn a lot about how a bicycle performs and whether or not they are worth the money.

Finally, consider the price. Just because an electric bike is expensive doesn't make it the best. The Cheapest bikes are not always the worst either. Nonetheless, you want to make sure you get what you pay for, which is why researching bikes and comparing them is crucial.

​Why Buy ​An Electric Fat Bike In The First Place

​You should buy this electric bike because of how fun they are to use, and they make for a great alternate mode of transportation. If you want to save money on gas and get to and from work with relative ease and now have to worry about getting stuck in traffic, then buy an electric fat bike mid. Not only that, but they make for great gifts, so if you're looking to give someone a gift they will love and use for a longtime to come, get this bike for them. You can even buy one for yourself, and a friend and you guys can go biking together, but it will be far more fun than using a traditional bike.

As soon as you get on an electric fat bike mid drive, you will not go back to any other kind of electrical bike. These bikes are fun and reliable. All you have to do now is start comparing a few bikes from various sellers and then buy the electric bike you like the most.

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